fido kennington

1. NAME:   Fido Ulysses Kennington. aka Ol' Chum, aka Frank Miller 

2. POSITION:  Drums, gongs, vocals 

3. BIRTHPLACE: Flint, Michigan 

4. SIGN: Libra 

5. FIRST RECORD PURCHASED :   All that money in those 5th-birthday cards got me a two-fer: Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's" & KISS' "Destroyer" 

6. FIRST CONCERT : KISS & Cheap Trick, Pontiac Silverdome, 7/13/79 

7. FAVE SINGERS : Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, David Thomas 

8. FAVE DRUMMERS :  Terry Bozzio, John Wright, Joe Morello 

9. FAVE BANDS:  Frank Zappa, Minutemen, KISS 

10. FAVE SONGS:  This answer changes like the wind! Zappa's "Watermelon In Easter Hay", Talking Heads' "Naive Melody", Stevie's "Boogie On Reggae Woman". 

11. FAVE FILMS: Raising Arizona, Brewster McCloud, The Exorcist 

12. FAVE BOOKS : American Psycho, the Foxfire volumes, The Illustrated Man 

13. FAVE TELEVISION: The Prisoner, Soap, Twin Peaks 

14. FAVE CARTOONS :  Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Ren & Stimpy 

15. FAVE FOOD: Thai 

16. FAVE BEVERAGES:  Coffee, beer, grapefruit juice 

17. FAVE SPORTS: Sumo 

18. FAVE COMIC BOOKS : Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. 

19. FAVE GAMES: Exquisite Corpse, Scrabble, sex 

20. FAVE SCENT : The weird melange of pipe tobacco, floor wax and caramel corn that greeted my nostrils when entering the malls of my youth. And Fahrenheit. 

21. IF YOU COULD JUMP INTO A POOL FULL OF SOMETHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  Crisp $1,000 bills, while fully clothed in cargo pants and a suitcoat. 

RIG RUNDOWN: Eight drumkits, various years/makes/models. 60s-era Paiste gong, 36". Paiste cymbals. '80 Mapleglo Rickenbacker 4001. '76 Ampeg SVT/2x15 cab. Plush 2x15 cab. '76 Rhodes Mark 1 Stage Piano. Dozens of pedals, mostly Electro-Harmonix. '72 Peavey Vintage 6x10, get the picture...I'm a fuckin' gearhead!